FAQ's & Troubleshooting

FAQ's & Troubleshooting


Why choose a ceramic water filter?

There are important reasons why you should choose stoneware water purifiers:

  1. Gravity fed ceramic water purifiers are easy to maintain, easy to use and are attractive additions to your home or office.
  2. Ceramic water filters are highly portable, they need no plumbing, and they need no electricity.
  3. They are a highly effective barrier to particles and pathogens.
  4. The replacement stoneware water filters are relatively inexpensive to use, a 12 month filter lasting 2000 litres
  5. Stoneware water purifiers are self-sterilising, they are made from 100% natural elements, and they do not remove those minerals from the water which are beneficial to health.
  6. Pottery water purifiers make the water taste better and keep the water cool naturally.

If you purchase water purifier manufactured by Sean Nicholson Clay you are purchasing a ceramic ware that combines the design expertise of 45 years’ experience. You can choose from a wide selection of colours and attractive sprig designs. Our water purifiers are made in Armidale, NSW with quality Australian high fire, porcelaneous stoneware. This guarantees that your purchase is mould and mildew resistant.

When a ceramic filter need cleaning and how do I clean it?

Once the flow from the pottery filter becomes noticeably less than normal, which is usually due to the build-up of sediments on the outer ceramic of the stoneware water filter. To clean simply remove the pottery filter from the stoneware purifier and scrape the surface with the back of a knife under running water, or by using a scouring pad. Never use soap or detergents as they can leave a residual.

When does a ceramic water filter candle need replacing?

Usually every 12 months or 2000 litres.

What happens if I leave the stoneware filter unused for a period of time?

If normal use of the pottery water filter is interrupted by holidays or vacation, growth of harmless heterotrophic bacteria may result in a flat or stale taste when use of the stoneware water filter resumes. Flushing the water purifier filter system for several minutes after any prolonged period of inactivity should eliminate the problem.

Will my water purifier remove flouride?

Yes if you purchase a Fluoride Plus™ filter.

Does the pH of my drinking water increase when I use the ceramic filter?

There will be a slight increase in the pH of water passed through the ceramic filter due to the presence of the mineral Wollastonite in the ceramic. Wollastonite is slightly soluble and alkaline, so may partly dissolve in the water as it passes through the ceramic water filter causing a minor pH shift which is harmless.

Does the Sean Nicholson Clay water purifier include a filter when a purchase is made?

Yes, Sean Nicholson Clay water purifiers come standard with a 12 month Doulton Super Sterasyl. If you wish to swap your filter to include 12 month Fluoride Plus™ there is an additional $60.00 cost. Details provided on Shop site.

Does the filter for the ceramic purifier need to be the same as to what was included in my purchase?

No. Any gravity fed ceramic water filter will work including those manufactured by Australis, Waterco, Pozzani and Stefani but we highly recommend that you purchase a Royal Doulton Super Sterasyl or a  Fluoride Plus™ filter to maximise performance.

Can I buy a replacement filter direct online from Sean Nicholson Clay?

Yes. See Sean Nicholson Clay website store.

Are the water purifiers shipped from Sean Nicholson Clay exactly the same colour as displayed on your website?

Sean Nicholson Clay water purifiers are handmade, and hand decorated, providing you with individual ceramic wares. Sean has been perfecting his high fired stoneware reduction and oxidation glazes over 45 years. His experience reduces the chance of variation in glaze results.

What happens if I purchase a water purifier and it arrives broken?

All water purifiers that are sent from Sean Nicholson Clay are insured and any broken piece will be replaced at no charge.

Does the water purifier come with a warranty?

Yes. The water purifier comes with a 12 month replacement warranty.

How fast does the gravity fed candle filter water?

Water is filtered at a rate of 1 to 1.5 litres per hour.



Experiencing Issues With Slow Filtration?

Please note, the filtration rate for gravity water filters should be about one litre per hour, if your filtration is slower than this standard refer to the following 4 recommendations:

  1. If there is only one washer on your ceramic filter/candle put that washer underneath ceramic water filter container and tighten with wing nut - and / or
  2. Run water briefly in reverse through the ceramic filter candle to remove any possible blockage - and /or
  3. Soak the candle in a bowl of water for a few hours, this gets rid of any fibre or loose particles, (cover the white ceramic material with water, the black thread should be above the water line and exposed to the air) - and / or
  4. See care instructions in the Sean Nicholson Clay information and warranty booklet