Sean Nicholson is a career potter who has been called a master potter by his peers. Sean has been a professional potter/ceramicist for over 45 years. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Sean moved with his family, mum, dad and three sisters, to Tacoma, Washington, USA at an early age. Sean’s dad was a chocolate/confectionery maker and moved the family to Tacoma to take up a position with the Brown and Haley Confectionery Company.  After graduating from Stadium High School, Sean secured a residency at the Old Town Potters Studio, Tacoma. This studio was owned by legendary potter, Carlton Ball. 

Still in his 20s Sean moved to Australia and started designing/throwing at Beech Mountain Pottery, located at Lower Beechmont in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and owned by the Durand family. During this time, he continued to exhibit personal work at local galleries. Sean had a brief stint at Kairi Pottery on the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland and then returned to the Gold Coast Hinterland, working at Lyre Bird Ridge Pottery with Erol Barnes. Sean started working collaboratively with visual artists during his time designing/throwing at Lyre Bird Ridge. Erol Barnes had secured a collaborative arrangement with the artist’s working in the Ray Hughes Galleries, stable of Visual Artists. 

Sean met his wife, Michelle, during this time, and they moved to Newcastle with daughter, Ceara, in 1988. In the following 12 months Sean and Michelle created Sgraffiti Clayworks, a ceramic shop/gallery and large production pottery workshop. Without the luxury of internet/online sales when Sgraffiti Clayworks was established, sales were generated through the shop front gallery and, additionally through party plan sales, including an incredible sales team of 15 local Newcastle women. In 1990, Rhys was welcomed into the world, completing Sean’s beautiful family.

In 1997 Sean linked with the Pathways to Sustainability Conference in Newcastle. Sean created 120 large platters that were decorated by local, national, and international artists during 10 workshops, conducted by Sean, across Victoria, NSW, and Queensland. These collaborations culminated in the Images of Sustainability Art Auction, curated by wife Michelle, and held in Newcastle during the Sustainability conference. 

Prior to the establishment of Sean Nicholson Clay, Sean’s current studio located in Armidale, on the beautiful New England Tablelands, Sean was designer/thrower at Jeff Sosower’s Southern Cross Pottery. 

During his career Sean has thrown/designed for large production companies in NSW and QLD, completed large scale commissions for the local and international market, and completed collaborative works with other notable Australian ceramic and visual artist. Sean has held and participated in many individual and group exhibitions. 45 years of collective experience and skill and the love of creating functional ceramic wares are now available for you, online.