Glazes are a liquid suspension of finely ground minerals that are applied onto the surface of bisque-fired ceramic ware by brushing,
spraying, pouring, or dipping
. After the glaze dries, the ware is loaded into a kiln and fired to the temperature at which the glaze ingredients will melt together to form a glassy surface.

At the Sean Nicholson Clay Studio we fire the glaze kiln to Stoneware using a mixture of oxidation and reduction processes. The kiln is fired to 1,280°C. At this temperature the clay becomes vitreous and does not necessarily require glazing to be waterproof. At Sean Nicholson Clay Studio all work is glazed for hygiene and aesthetic purposes. All our kitchen and dinner wares are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.


During the glaze process all water purifiers are individually decorated. Liquid glaze is sprayed individually onto each pot with a spray-gun. Different minerals produce different coloured glazes.

Once the wares are glazed and decorated they are ready to be loaded into the 1,280°C gloss kiln (where pots are glazed).All liquid glaze must be cleaned from the bottom of the pot as if it makes contact with the carborundum shelves they will be fused together. Glaze becomes molten in the gloss kiln cycle.

Here Sean is pictured glazing the lid and insert for our water purifiers.

Dinnerware is individually dipped into the glaze bucket. Each bucket contains different configurations of glaze that create individual colours and textures.


Sean hand-decorates all of the wares. Here he is pictured decorating a water purifier with his Stickgrass design that originated over 30 years ago. This design has been one of our best-selling designs and has evolved to include a variation of designs and colours.

All work has been individually designed and decorated by Sean for you and your family.

Sean uses Traditional Indian wooden textile stamps to create individual sprigs while the clay is wet, before it is leather hard.

Sean Nicholson Clay Water Purifiers are available with a range of Traditional Indian wood stamp sprigs or an Armidale Label.

All Sean Nicholson Clay Water Purifiers Sprigs are available on Tall and Round Water Purifiers.

All Sean Nicholson Clay Water Purifiers are fitted with stainless steel taps.